Cool Mist Vaporizer

What is a Cool Mist Vaporizer
Basically, it is another term for an air humidifier. It is a room-sized electronic device that has three components; one – water reservoir, two – a drum/disk, and three – a spout that releases the water vapor in the air. In this vaporizer, the water is not heated before getting released into the room. In fact, the spinning disk creates water vapors and emits them through the spout in the air. However, there can be a possibility that bacteria or germs could generate and get accumulated in the still water, inside the cool vaporizer. This is one of the reasons many health care professionals do not particularly recommend cool mist vaporizers. According to them, these devices harbor bacteria in the environment instead of killing them.

But, having children in the house and considering the situation with that aspect, this vaporizer is a much safer option, because there are very less chances of children getting serious burns and injuries from the vapor released, when they attempt to get closer to the machine, by either putting their hands or face near it. For people suffering from common cold, allergies, or nasal congestion during dry climates, these devices are extremely effective. Perhaps, you can install it in a child’s room, in case he/she is suffering from any respiratory tract infections or common cold, etc.

The cool moisture vaporizer does a very simple job – it simply moisturizes the room or the environment around your child. This effect, in turn, makes your child feel better and at ease from all the heavy congestion he/she is already undergoing due to the bad cold condition. So, leaving behind one of these flaws of this machine, there are ten fold good dots to note down about the same. Surely, there is one thing you can do to avoid this disqualifying opinion about cool mist vaporizers; you can wash the water reservoirs regularly with soap and water. It will not gather much of bacteria and will remain clean to a certain extent.

Few Additional Benefits
Try to avoid use of normal household tap water in these vaporizers since they disperse some sort of minerals and herbs in the atmosphere. Always use distilled water in the vaporizer machine; it won’t cause any health hazards. Also, speaking about the cost of these machines, they are cheaper than the warm mist vaporizers, because there is no heating element present in it. Moreover, a cool mist vaporizer holds an enormous advantage on the medical benefits by putting out moisture in the air. People who are suffering from different cold symptoms, allergies, severe sinus problems, etc., gain grounds to a good healing and comfortable breathing atmosphere in their rooms. However, there is one major limitation to using cold mist vaporizers in your home. They do not humidify the entire house, but are effective to just a small area or a room where they are installed.

Basically, there are many types of humidifiers available in the market. They are devices used in cold weather, to humidify or moisten the dry air in the house by releasing cool droplets of moisture. And vaporizers also release vapor in the air, but in the hot or warm type of condition. In such vaporizers, water is heated and is then released to give a warm, cozy atmosphere in a room. Hence, in both the cases, the humidification of the room takes place, which, in turn, elevates the chances of the occurrence of bacteria and molds. Thus, you will have to regulate on the cleanliness in your house by cleaning the machines regularly, by following simple instructions offered at the time of the purchase. It is vital, especially with your baby or a child around.

Well, it is obvious that the preferences in choosing a warm mist humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer varies from person to person. Therefore, it is necessary to know the difference well between both of these machines before purchasing.