Smoke without affecting your health now!

Are you a chain smoker? Or your loved ones are highly addicted to smoking? If you are under any of these two cases, this article will favor you to a greater extent. This article is written in order to create awareness on the harmful effects of smoking. Even though you knew that smoking is dangerous as per the statement in the cigarette package, you would have not known about their severe impacts on the human health and life. This article is narrated to reveal all these factors. And will help you to find the best solution for your problem.

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Smoking and cigarettes

Smoking is not a habit that comes from gene. People get into the trap of smoking only because of their personal compulsion. In some cases, they smoke in order to get revealed form their daily work stress. In some cases, they are used only for the feel of luxury in it. And in many cases, people admit it from their friends/ other family members. Thus, smoking occurs because of one’s personal interest. This play which is started for fun goes serious in a course of time. High addiction to tobacco/ nicotine converts them into chain smoker. According to the medical statement the people who smoke will have very low lifespan when compared to the non smokers. The most astonishing fact is the smokers were well aware of these factors. But because of their addiction they were unable to stay back from it.

And coming to the traditional cigarettes they are made of out of tobacco. The nicotine content present in these cigarettes is the main reaction for the addiction. Even though these substances sound to be harmless, they are capable of reducing human lifespan to a greater extent. These substances are the reason for lung failure in many cases. When people’s interest gets combined with addiction they cause severe impact on the individual and as well as their surroundings.

Health impacts of smoking

When compared to the people who rarely smoke, the chain smokers will get affected by severe health disorder within short span of time. This doesn’t mean that there is no impact on the other smokers. It will take more time to feel the effects in those cases whereas in chain smokers they can be realized within short time span.  According to the medical survey held last year, it was found that more than two millions of people are facing death every year because of smoking. The other adverse effect of smoking is they not affect the people who smoke but also the people in the surrounding who tend to inhale the smoke during respiration.

One of the most adverse health effect caused because of smoking is the cancer. The chain smokers will get affected by lung cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer. This implies that the dead cells occur in all the places where the smoke travels and reaches the respiratory organ. When compared to other organs the lungs get severely affected as the smokers tend to inhale the most hazardous smoke more often. Because of this impact the lungs will start malfunctioning and there occurs the breathing trouble and other respiratory problems which finally lead to death.


Have you ever thought why these people were unable to quit their smoking habit? If you have not found the right answer here it is for you. This is because of the addictive present in it. Nicotine is a kind of harmful drug like cocaine. The people who once enjoy the luxury in it cannot give up so easily. Even if they think of quit smoking, they cannot. This happens because their mind cannot accept the sudden change. They will get severely depressed in case if they are forced to quit. The only solution is these people must be provided with the best alternative or they must be taken to expert’s counseling.


Today there are enormous electronic cigarettes in the market which can be preferred for the smokers. These electronic cigarettes provide the comfort of smoking without causing any impact on the health. This is made possible because of the natural liquid used in them. The eliquid are completely free from hazardous chemicals and help them give out harmless vape. Thus, any people who are addicted to smoking can quit easily by choosing the electronic cigarettes.