vape with a Hookah Pen

unduhan-5One of the major problems with smoking is that when the tobacco burns, you are forced to inhale the smoke that is created by the process. It is the smoke that contains many of the harmful chemicals that can seriously affect your health. This is where hookah pens can serve as an ideal replacement for the traditional cigarette, as they use a process where the material is heated and not burned. What you are left with is vapor that does not come with all the negative health effects when inhaled. Is it any wonder that hookah pens and vaping lounges are beginning to pop up all over the place?

If you have never tried a hookah pen or vaporizer, you are probably pretty skeptical about how the whole thing works, and there are even some smokers who think that it will be a less satisfying experience than what is received with a cigarette. This is not actually the case, and smokers are usually petty surprised at the quality of the flavor, not to mention the satisfying throat hit, that they get when using a hookah pen. They are even more surprised when they learn that this is a much healthier alternative than continually reaching for traditional cigarettes.

So how does all of this work, I hear you ask? It is actually pretty simple, and all you need to get started is a hookah pen or vaporizer, which you can easily find online or in a host of smoke shops. You can use liquid, dry herb, wax, or oils, and place the materials in a chamber within your device. Once the heating element reaches you chosen temperature, it heats the chamber that holds the material, without ever touching it. Combustion is taken out of the equation, and while you do get a puff of what looks like smoke, what you are actually blowing out is water vapor.

As mentioned earlier, the inhalation of the vapor is also a healthier option, as the tar and chemicals that you find in cigarette smoke do not exist in the vapor. More often than not, the vapor produced by your hookah pen is odorless, and is also not harmful to people in your vicinity. What all of that means is that you can operate your vaporizer in places where cigarette smoking has been banned. The number of places where this is happening is on the rise, which is another reason why people are giving up the burn in favor of heat.

We are pretty sure that some of you are still going to be skeptical about the information contained in this article, and that is why we suggest that you give heat versus burn a try for yourself. There are vape shops popping up all over the place now, and the majority of them will allow you to have a little sample of the wares that they have for sale. Once you see that what you get is as satisfying, or perhaps even better, than what you get from a cigarette, we are sure you will be ready to start shopping for your own hookah pen or portable vaporizer.

Study of herbal vaporization

We tend to think of a weed vaporizer as something that is relatively new to the marijuana scene, but the fact of the matter is that these devices have been around for quite some time. Sure, back in the day it was usually the larger table top variety of vaporizers that were being used as opposed to the sleek and stylish mobile pens that seem to be everywhere you look nowadays. The question that this then begs is how long the medical community has known that vaporizing weed was a much safer way to go than lighting up a joint. We are not entirely sure how far back the history goes, but we did recently learn about an interesting study done back in 2007.

The research was performed at the San Francisco General Hospital, and involved looking at the safety of using a vaporizer on medical marijuana patients. The device that was used back then was known as the Volcano, and you may be interested to hear that the rather futuristic, space ship looking device is still on the market today. The results of the research showed that using the vaporizer to get the rapid benefits of marijuana was a much healthier option than smoking joints. The reason, as most of you probably already know, is that you don’t have to breathe in all the potentially harmful smoke whilst using a weed vaporizer.

This test was performed at a time when medical marijuana was still a twinkle in the eye of pro-weed advocates who knew the many health benefits of weed. Research performed the previous year and published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences also reached the same conclusion when talking about vaporizers, which was that it was a safe, healthy method of taking marijuana that warranted further medical research.

2007 really isn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things, so it seems amazing that we have come so far in such a short period of time. Medical marijuana is now available in a growing number of states, and it is weed vaporizers that are the preferred method of the medical community when prescribing marijuana to medical patients. We will, of course, have to wait a number of years to see the long-term effects of using vaporizers, but all early signs point to it being a much safer way to take marijuana.

Safety is a huge concern, and the fact that the growing of marijuana is now heavily regulated due to the legalization in certain parts of the country makes it safer than ever. The plant used to make CBD oil are free from pesticides, and any time some plants do slip through the cracks, the authorities are in place to make sure that those samples do not fall into the hands of the general public. It is certainly going to be interesting to see how much more progress is made in the next 7-10 years. Hopefully everyone in the country will be able to gain access to the marijuana that we now know can be so helpful in the treatment of so many ailments.

Taobacco ban includes vaporizers

There is a move on right now to prevent people who use vaporizers from being able to use their devices in public buildings. What is essentially happening is that vape pens are now being lumped into the same category as cigarettes, which everyone who uses them sees as being totally unfair. For the moment, it is medical facilities and college campuses that seem to be instituting these “smoke free” bans, but it’s only really a matter of time before other establishments start following suit. What these places may not be realizing is that they may well be pushing people who usevaporizers back into the arms of tobacco.

It’s fair to say that the numbers regarding the health and safety of weed vaporizers are not yet really complete, as these are devices that have only really made it into the mainstream over the past few years. That said, though, people who have made the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers and e-cigs routinely report that they feel much healthier after a pretty short period of time. Those who start out using both tobacco and vape pens generally end up ditching the cigarettes altogether, oftentimes because they are limited to where they can light up their smokes.

For many people making that switch, the temptation to have a cigarette is still sometimes very strong. If these people are placed in a situation where they cannot use their vaporizer, there are a good many that will simply stop fighting the urge and make the move back to tobacco. Cigarettes have been around long enough for a ton of data to be compiled, and there is no argument that they are absolutely deadly. We can certainly understand a ban on cigarettes, especially since there are the effects of secondhand smoke to consider, but is that really an issue with water vapor?

One of the newest places to announce a tobacco ban at their facility is the Cullman Regional Medical Center in Alabama. Their ban, which will include vaporizers, will go into effect on the 1st of next year, and their reasoning for doing so seems sound enough. This is, after all, a health facility, and it makes sense that cigarettes should be banned. In providing reasons for the ban, the center spoke about the high incidence of smoking in their region, as well as the health issues that come with that habit. The stats about lung cancer, emphysema, and other tobacco related diseases can all be attributed to cigarettes, and not to vaporizers.

There is a good deal of scaremongering going on right now, with ant-tobacco groups looking to get vape devices in the same category as cigarettes. Those of you who regularly use a vaporizer know the difference between vaping and smoking, and it’s up to you to make your voice heard on this subject. We are fast approaching a point where vape pens are only going to be able to be used in designated areas or the comfort of your own home. This is not acceptable if it means that people start making the move back to tobacco.

Tips to Choosing a vaporizer

With more and more places prohibiting the smoking of cigarettes, as well as the general ill health that smoking delivers, smokers are now looking at making the switch to vaporizers. The decision to do so is easy enough, especially given the added health benefits of doing so, but deciding why type of vaporizer to get can be tough. Walk into any store that sells vape pens and you will enter a world where the selection is not just varied, it’s downright dizzying. The good news is that there is a vaporizer to suit every taste, and it’s just a matter of deciding which taste best suits your specific palate.

The first thing that needs to be decided is whether you want to go with a portable device or a stationary one. The portable units are very often in a vape pen style, although some of the newer styles employ a boxier shape. Either way, what you get with these is a device that can easily be carried around in a pocket or a purse. They are lightweight, efficient, and can usually be charged on the go via a USB charger that often comes with the starter kit.

The stationary devices are bigger desktop units that wield a whole lot more power and functionality. If you are someone that likes to smoke marijuana predominantly at home, these types of units may well be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you are all about trying different eliquids to get a variety of flavors, the vape pen will almost certainly be a better option.

That brings us to exactly what it is you want to have in your device when you vape. Some vaporizers are made to hold liquids, while others are all about oils, wax, or dry materials. If you are in a place where marijuana is legal, or if you have a valid prescription for medical weed, you may want to invest in a dry herb vaporizer that will serve as a very efficient delivery system. If you are interested in trying a bunch of different things, you can always choose a vaporizer that comes with different atomizers for each of the different substances that you can vape. Again, there are a number of starter kits available that offer that type of option.

The next thing to consider is vapor quality, which is generally affected by the temperature of the chamber where the materials are placed. You also have to choose between conduction and convection heating, as both deliver a different type of vapor quality. It’s tough to say that one is better than the other, as it really all does come down to personal choice. We recommend trying to sample a few of each, as this will give you a basic idea of vapor quality with each option.

Pricing will also play a role in your decision, and you are going to find that prices are all over the place for vape pens. We recommend having a budget in mind when you start so that you can then start looking at all of the vaporizers available in your price range, keeping in mind all of the things we mentioned earlier in this piece. Good luck, and happy vaping.